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*To be set up in two-three weeks
*No Lankans affected by unrest

The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) has decided to set up a special office in Bahrain to facilitate the needs of over 15,000 Sri Lankans working in that country.The move is expected to benefit the large contingent of Sri Lankan migrant workers in Bahrain as Sri Lanka does not have a permanent mission there.

The decision to set up an office by SLBFE comes amidst concerns expressed by relatives back home on the safety of their loved ones due to the prevailing political unrest in Bahrain.

However, the SLBFE yesterday assured that all Sri Lankans working in Bahrain were safe and that the new office to be set up within the next two – three weeks would be capable of assisting the migrant workers’ need.

The new office is being set up on the instructions of Foreign Employment Promotions and Welfare Minister Dilan Perera. Earlier, the needs of Lankan migrant workers had to be looked into by the Sri Lankan mission in Kuwait.

Bahrain is considered a popular destination for Sri Lankans seeking employment abroad. Over 7,000 Sri Lankans left for work in Bahrain last year.

An SLBFE officer said yesterday that contrary to certain reports, there was no visa ban or any travel restriction for Sri Lankans visiting Bahrain.

Meanwhile, foreign media reported that an on-line expatriate registration process for Sri Lankan nationals has been initiated by officials to locate them fast in the case of an emergency. In this regard the support of man power agencies too have been sought, they added.

According to reports from Bahrain, not a single Sri Lankan national has come to harm or has been affected due to the prevailing situation.

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President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday stated that a Bill will be moved in Parliament next month to establish a Contributory Pension Fund for the working class in this country as pledged in the budget proposals.

President Rajapaksa made this observation yesterday in Parliament joining the second reading debate on nine Bills related to tax regulations in line with the 2011 budget proposals.

The President further stated that with this move the pension that was confined to the public servants will now be extended to the employees of State banks, corporation, the private sector, for those employed overseas making a tremendous contribution to the national coffers and for these self-employed including farmers, fishermen, artistes etc.

The President added that with the enactment of the Act a secure social system will be established so that the working class will be restored with a permanent income for life after retirement.

President Rajapaksa further stated that the Government created the highest economic stability during the recent past. The exchange rate has been stable for the last two years. The interest rates have been brought down.

President Rajapaksa stated that establishment of million domestic economies units is another stable income source for the people. Another means of stabilizing the economy is to make each employee entitled to a pension.

The President also stated another revolutionary development in the recent past was to rid the urban areas of garbage, beautifying them.

President Rajapaksa also stressed that the future vision of Mahinda Chintanaya was to enable the people of this country to live as dignified nation in the world economy while making both villages and towns equally attractive.

He added that to realize this vision was a matter of pride for the Government while accepting it to be an investment for the younger generation in the country.

The President also invited the opposition to join hands to fulfill the wishes of the people.

President Rajapaksa further stated that the public has been able to protect the benefits gained through peace and development.

He added the very fact is obvious by the trust that the people have placed in the Government at the recent Local Government elections. The trust, the people kept on us at the Presidential election, General election and the recent Local Government election is a good index of the sustainable development program persued by the Government.

The President further added that the message of the people gave at the election provide direction to both of those living this country as well as in the opposition.

President Rajapaksa stated the message conveyed by the voters was to work with dedication and for love the nation.

He added that the public demanded of the Government to commit ourselves to build the nation preserving the dignity and image of the country.

President Rajapaksa also stated that the time has reached to a point to consider the damage on the image of the country caused by false allegation of corruptions and crimes made by the Opposition in the international communities.

President Rajapaksa also said that certain news reports in newspapers cause damage to the image of the country, whether it is done deliberately or not.

He added that all politicians should be mature enough to engage in democratic politics devoid of those mistakes.

The President also commented on the service rendered by the public servants an the personnel of the three forces to provide relief to the innocent people affected by the recent unprecedented floods.